New Features and Product Improvements for Vertrax’s Welltrax Bulk Commodity Transportation Technology

Posted by Vertrax on May 14, 2018 11:08:48 AM

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For bulk transporters in today’s era of transportation and logistics, efficiency is key -- and there’s no better way to reach peak efficiency than with the right technology at the fingertips of your drivers and dispatchers.

When was the last time you evaluated your technology stack or explored alternative solutions on the marketplace? If bulk transporters are locked into long-term contracts, they’re often left behind. With stiff competition between transportation companies and technology solutions providers, products should be updated regularly and companies should be ensuring their technology meets their needs.

In February, Vertrax announced its move to a SaaS model and introduction of subscription-based pricing. Both its Welltrax and SmartDrops solutions will be available for no upfront cost and a competitive, flexible monthly subscription.

This change allows companies to avoid the “trap” of a long-term contract, to adjust plans as their fleet needs scale or shift, and to continually evaluate against the market. It allows us to make regular, easily deployable updates to drive innovation, meet market demands, and work to earn your business every month.

We’re transparent (and excited) about what’s ahead for both products; we recently explained some improvements in the works for SmartDrops, and here we highlight a few key updates under development for Welltrax, our solution for transporters hauling bulk commodities like crude oil, propane, sand, water, NGL, chemicals, gravel, and more.

Invoicing and Payroll Capabilities

One area where back offices will see increased benefits through Welltrax technology is invoicing and payroll management. Drivers will be able to submit necessary payroll documentation through a streamlined, intuitive user interface that centralizes the submissions for company-level review and approval. Invoices for customers will be able to be issued within a few clicks, making it easier for your organization to collect once a run is complete or job is done.

Advanced Reporting and Dashboards

Welltrax features customizable views of your operation that ensure you’re able to track and report on the KPIs that matter most to your organization. With the centralized system compiling pick up and drop off information along with context on driver, truck, and trailer details, it’s easy to surface and see the information you need.

Our reporting dashboards can be configured by dispatchers and other users to manage operations in the way that’s most valuable to them -- saving time on every intuitive action they take within the portal.

Easier Assignment and Scheduling

With a closed-loop view of your operations and real-time load management, Welltrax is well-positioned to improve efficiency. Upcoming enhancements include a retooled driver scheduler module to help you better track locations and hours, allowing for an optimally allocated workload. A parent/child assignment hierarchy also adds context for drivers and dispatchers throughout the load assignment process.

Interested about learning more about these changes, our SaaS model supported by the Amazon AWS cloud, or our industry-leading technology? Get in touch with our team today! If you’re ready to see Welltrax in action, you can enroll in a free 45-day trial -- give it a try to see how it works for your company.

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