Why You Need to Adopt Mobile Fleet Management Technology

Posted by Vertrax on Mar 30, 2020 11:58:03 AM

Why You Need to Adopt Mobile Fleet Management Technology

As highlighted by the American Transportation Research Industry, the cost of trucking operations continue to rise in the United States. With this increasing cost comes the necessity to streamline your operations and increase efficiencies as much as possible.

If you’re still using manual processes for your operations — especially your drivers — then you’re putting your business in a precarious position. Moving to mobile fleet management technology presents a huge opportunity to dramatically improve the efficiency of your drivers, as well as reduce your overall costs.

Here we will layout just a few of the many advantages of moving from manual processes to a streamlined, mobile solution.

Increased Productivity

Removing manual processes such as paper run tickets can have an immediate impact on your operations. There will be no more incorrectly filled out papers or unintentionally losing them, and drivers won’t have to spend time manually filling out the tickets — instead, they focus on driving.

Also, your back-office won’t have to manually enter the information into the system anymore — all of it will be transferred automatically as soon as the driver enters it. This frees up more time for them to focus on other aspects of operations.

Increase Deliveries Per Day

As explained above, productivity will dramatically increase when mobile fleet management technology is adopted. With this increase in productivity comes an increase in the number of deliveries per day your drivers can complete.

Quality solutions also have advanced routing technology that can adapt in real-time to the most efficient routes possible. If a driver needs to go to a new destination mid-route, that can be easily added in and their subsequent delivery routes will be updated and optimized to account for it.

With the increased productivity and advanced routes, the number of deliveries that drivers can achieve can increase dramatically, adding more to your bottom line.

Improved Data Accuracy

With a mobile solution comes a wealth of information that isn’t readily available in manual processes. As touched on, human errors are almost inevitable when dealing with things such as paper run tickets — especially when doing manual calculations with that data in the back-office.

With mobile fleet management technology, all of that data can be input in the device and is automatically calculated. This high-quality data allows you to make better-informed decisions about your operations because you can have confidence that the data is accurate.

Increase Your Bottom Line & Reduce Overall Costs

All of the items listed above lead to increasing your bottom line and reducing your overall costs. Productivity will skyrocket, efficiency will increase, and everyone in your organization will be happier not having to do menial, manual tasks every day.

The bottom line: mobile fleet management technology produces an impressive ROI. With one purchase, you’ll quickly see increased margins, more organized operations, and an improved business strategy — all under a flexible contract that you can leave if you’re not satisfied.

Want to see what high-quality fleet management technology looks like? Vertrax has a suite of solutions that can fit your needs — contact us today to learn more.

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