How to Minimize Ticketing and Invoicing Errors?

Posted by Vertrax on May 22, 2017 9:33:00 AM

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Ticketing and invoicing errors can wreak havoc on a business. It can cause frustration and confusion for the office staff, the drivers, and the customers. It is bad customer service and it puts your company in an unprofessional light, making it appear unorganized and unstable. Worse than that, though, it can create a cash flow shortage that can impact your fleet and even cause a felt reduction. It can also slow production which can bring the entire operation to a grinding halt. However, as detrimental as it can be if not done properly it is also one of the easiest issues to correct.

Why do Ticketing and Invoicing Errors Occur?

The majority of these invoicing and ticketing issues are due to human error. Sometimes equipment does fail, but more often than not, it’s the humans behind the equipment that cause the problems. They may forget to specify payment terms or do something as simple as back up their files. They could send their clients the wrong figures – or the wrong invoice. They could fail to list all of the products or forget to include a description of the products or services that were delivered. Make enough errors and you could lose customers. Lost too many and you could lose your business.


What’s worse, if you don’t catch the error in time it can do even more damage. For instance, say that you sent the wrong invoice to a client – and he paid it. When you discover the error, you reach out to the client to correct it, but they have already paid. Then you are left with a dilemma. Do you take the loss and retain the customer or do you press the client to recoup your loss or possibly lose the client? It’s a tough call. The best way to deal with it is to not have to deal with it – by preventing it from ever happening.

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The State of Ticketing and Invoicing Errors

Invoicing and ticketing errors take place every day. Even the most careful employee can have an off day or get distracted. More errors tend to occur when there is only one person doing the invoicing and no one is providing a second set of eyes to look for errors. At the same time, there are also numerous errors when many people are doing the invoicing. As you may suspect, manual processes are far more prone to problems than are intelligent processes. This is especially true if the intelligent process is programmed to identify potential issues or requires certain information before it will send.


A good software system can help to protect your processes from the common errors (human errors) that come with manual invoicing. It also reduces the amount of work that is required and provides your employees with the tools they need to do their job. Implementing effective, efficient software that provides more reliable invoicing can take a lot of pressure off of your employees and serve your customers with professional, error free tickets and invoices.

A Case for Intelligent Ticketing and Invoicing

Efficient and accurate ticketing and invoicing is just good business. It translates to good service to your customers and will help keep the cash flow moving. It may seem like it is a hassle at first and they will probably be a learning curve as your employees become accustomed to a new process, but in the end, it is better for all involved. When you consider all the costs of ticketing and invoicing errors, the solution is clear. You really can’t afford to not have an intelligent ticketing and invoicing system.


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